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Paxil Buy Online

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LAVORIS Report of the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry Lavoris was considered by the Council in 1913, and its proprietors the Lavoris Chemical Company were advised that the preparation was inadmissible to New and Nonofficial Remedies because of conflict with Rules 1, 4, 6, 8 and 10. No report was published at that time. As the preparation is still widely adver- tised to physicians, the Council has again examined Lavoris and authorized publication Paxil Buy Online of the following report. w A PUCKNER, Secretary. In recent years Lavoris has been widely advertised as "THE IDEAL ORAL ANTISEPTIC," particularly to the dental profession. A printed card sent out by the Lavoris Chemical Company in 1913 read : "LAVORIS, the Pyorrhea Remedy. The Original ZINC CHLORIDE Mouth Wash. One grain zinc to each ounce." The card also gaVe a "formula" to the effect that each pint of Lavoris contained : Zinc Chloride 1.040 Resorcin 0.520 Menthol 0.400 Saccharin 0.195 Formalin 0.195 Ol. Cassia Zeyl 0.780 Ol. Caryophyl 0.195 Advertisements now Paxil Buy Online appearing Paxil Buy Online in medical journals repeat the older Paxil Buy Online "for- mula" except that resorcin is omitted. The formula while seemingly frank and open is in reality indefinite and misleading in that no denomination of weight is given for the various constituents. It is uncertain, for example, if the figures in the formula are intended to represent grains, grams or percentages of the several constituents. In view of the indefinite statement of composition, a 238 PROPAGANDA FOR REFORM chemical examination of Lavoris was undertaken in the A. M. A. Chemical Laboratory. The report of the laboratory follows : Zinc. This was determined electrolytically. Fifty c.c. gave 0.026 gm. zinc and 100 c.c. gave 0.0531 gm. zinc. The average is 0.0526 gm. zinc in 100 c.c. This is equivalent to 0.1102 gm. anhydrous zinc chlorid in 100 c.c. Chlorid. After decolorizing some of Lavoris with chlorid-free animal char- coal, the chlorid was determined by the Volhard method. Twenty-five c.c. Lavoris required 4.328 c.c. tenth-normal silver nitrate solution equivalent to 0.01535 gm. chlorid (chloridion) or 0.0614 gm. in 100 c.c. A second 25 c.c. of Lavoris required 4.112 gm. tenth-normal silver nitrate solution equivalent to 0.01458 gm. chlorid (chloridion) or 0.05832 gm. in Paxil Buy Online 100 c.c. Average is 0.05985 gm. This is equivalent to 0.1150 gm. zinc chlorid in 100 c.c. This agrees closely with the foregoing zinc determination. Resorcin. The method of the U. S. Pharmacopeia was used. The total bromin absorption of 25 c.c. Lavoris was 3.68 c.c. tenth-normal bromin solution. This would be equivalent to 0.00675 gm. resorcin in 25 c.c. or 0.02700 gm. in 100 c.c. In a duplicate test, 25 c.c. Lavoris required 3.8 c.c. tenth-normal bromin solution equivalent to 0.00697 gm. resorcin or 0.02788 gm. in 100 c.c. Since oil of cinnamon absorbs bromin, 50 c.c. of Lavoris was boiled until very little or no odor of the oil Paxil Buy Online was noted, keeping the volume nearly constant by adding a little water from time to time, and the bromin absorption then taken. In one experiment, 0.36 c.c. of tenth-normal bromin solution was consumed, and in a duplicate no bromin was absorbed. This shows the absence of resorcin. Residue. On evaporating 25 c.c. Lavoris on a steam bath and subsequent drying of the residue at 100 C, 0.0455 gm. of residue was obtained. This is equivalent to 0.1820 gm. in 100 c.c. Saccharin. Saccharin was detected in the residue and ether-extract of the residue by its intense sweet taste when a little sodium bicarbonate was added to it. Formaldehyd. This could be detected by the Jarrison test. The color was not very pronounced and the quantity of formaldehyd was small. Oil of Ginnamon. The odor and taste of Lavoris is characteristic of cin- namon. Menthol and Oil of Cloves. The odor of menthol and of oil of cloves could not be detected, but no tests were made to demonstrate their presence. The analysis thus indicates that the Lavoris of today contains no resorcin but does contain a small amount of formaldehyd, a little saccharin, and oil of cinnamon (menthol and oil of cloves could not be detected by the odor, but were not tested for). The analysis showed that the principal constituent of Lavoris is zinc chlorid, of which there is about 0.1 gm. per 100 c.c. (about % grain to the ounce). , The amount of zinc chlorid given in the published formula, i. e., 1.04, is meaningless because the unit of weight or measure is not given; furthermore, the analysis shows that it is inaccurate for any unit of weight that might be assumed from the published figures. Since the amount of the most active medicinal ingredient is both indefinite and inaccurate, the composition of the preparation is essentially secret. Lavoris is indirectly advertised to the public by having included in the package a circular giving a list of diseases for which the preparation was recommended. The combination of zinc chlorid, formaldehyd and oil of cinnamon (assuming the menthol and oil of cloves to be present as flavors) in a mixture is irrational and likely to lead its users to ascribe a false and exaggerated value to the preparation. The name is objectionable in that it does not indicate the composition of the potent ingredi- ents of the mixture, but instead suggests its use as a mouth wash. COUNCIL REPORTS 239 From a standpoint of public safety, the most serious objection to Lavoris, however, lies in the many Paxil Buy Online unwarranted therapeutic claims and suggestions. It is generally held that zinc chlorid solutions which possess a strength of from 1 to 200 up to 1 to 500 exercise a weak antiseptic action. The strength of zinc chlorid in Lavoris is approximately 1 Paxil Buy Online to 1,000. The directions for its use recommend that Lavoris should Paxil Buy Online be diluted. A dilution of 1 to 4 is recommended for a variety of mouth conditions while for cystitis irrigations and as a vaginal douche, it is recommended that one tablespoonful be added to a quart of warm water or salt solution. The Paxil Buy Online strength of zinc chlorid in the last suggested dilution would approximate 1 to 64,000. It is evident that no antiseptic action could be expected from such dilutions.
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